Sunday, 31 May 2020


since i started this blog of my fights on imvu your support has been nothing short of fantastic and i thankyou all so much for the part youve all played in this blog and my efforts to bring you something different . ime finding it hard to get posts completed due to the children being at home . these are strange and difficult times and i pray you and your family come through this safely thankyou . katy xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

purple thong fight . katy vs boo

one of katys sponsors mark had visited the back alley catfight to present katy and boo with matching thongs . the girls ran off to the dressing rooms to change and came back wearing them ,just the thongs and black the girls paraded up and down the fight floor a row broke out who looked the hottest in the thongs blonde or brunette and with mark stripping down they knew the only way it was going to end was in a catfight . the girls faced off as an excited mark sat naked eagerly watching and he wouldnt be dissapointed as boo slapped katy clean across the face and they went at each other no holds barred just heels and thongs .there breasts collided as they punched and slapped hair came out and breast scratches were evident as blonde and brunette colided . there wet pussys were barely contained in the skin tight thongs as they traded blows . katy was so excited as she started to get the upper hand on her rival. she had boo on a headlock punching her face wildly to marks excitement and on releasing her a beaten boo fell to her knees . katy left with mark and they headed back to his penthouse sex was definately on the cards. thanks to everyone follows katy both here at her blog and on imvu. also a big thankyou to everyone who downloads fights from katys sponsor Bitchfight uk at   . stay safe xx

Sunday, 24 May 2020

sexfight . katy vs jackie tori

katy accepted a sexfight challenge from fashion blogger jackie tori.the rules would be simple first to cum loses . so on the night both ladies met at the pvc club and stripped to heels only they took there places on the mat in the sexfight arena and locked legs. the anticipation was high as katy very rarely lost a sexfight defeating the likes of danniella and boo in past encounters. both ladies whimpered in pleasure as they started to rub there warm tight pussys together forcing there bodies on there rival as there lips tingled s the they grinded together. both ladis nipples were erectas they fought on niether wishing to cum so soon in the fight as both ladies were clearly dripping as they fought on. it became clear from the heavy moans that jackie was finding it hard to hold as katy pushed her pussy tight against her rivals as jackie moaned in ectasy eleasing her love juice all over katy ub able to wait any longer . katy was still sexfight champion . thanks to everyone who follows katy her at her blog and at imvu. also thanks to everyone who downloads fights from katys sponsors store at . thankyou xx

Friday, 22 May 2020

catfight . katy vs angie

katy was at the back alley with one of her sponsors when angie a fairly new fighter on the block came in . katys sponsor asked katy if shed fought angie before and she explained she hadnt but would be happy to .immediately a fight was set up and the girls faced off breast to breast this had catfight written all over it as immediately the girls exchanged viscious slaps as they jostled topless around the fight floor. hair came out as they crappled for control and then punches went in . katy was in no mood for losing and took controlas there ample breasts collided . katy went in with a heavy 1-2 to the face and then a cracking face slap sent a dazed and confused angie stumbling . unable to continue a jubilant katy showed her sponsor who was top bitch .thanks to everyone whos been following katy both on imvu and hee at her blog. also a Big thankyou to everyone whos been supporting katys sponsors through this difficult time and downloading fights from there store at  . thankyou xx


since i started this blog of my fights on imvu your support has been nothing short of fantastic and i thankyou all so m...