Sunday, 25 October 2020

gown fight in progress .

 ok its a fight in progress but wanted to show you a great gown fight that isnt finished between katy and angel . enjoy your sunday and dont forget to download from katys sponsors fight store at . stay safe and enjoy xx

Friday, 23 October 2020

Fight in white. katy vs lucy

 friday nights cant come around quick enough at back alley catfights and tonights main event was two of the catfight scenes hottest properties  katy vs lucy .katy walked to the fight floor in white thigh high boots and a white pearl thong her rival was allready paradingin white satin hold up and panties with white heels . once the bets were placed and the sponsors took there seats the ladies faced off and then katy launched into a formidable attack with slaps and punches to lucys face. lucy quickly retaliated as the evenly matched females marked each others  breasts and faces as they tussled around the fight floor.both fighters were at the point of exhaustion without either conceeding defeat so the fight was stopped and it was left to the sponsors to decide whod won. narrowly katy got the vote for the most punches and breast slaps and celebrated her victory. thanks to everyone who follows katy both here and on imvu also a big thankyou to everyone who downloads from katys sponsors fight store at  . thankyou xx

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

katy vs black vixen

 a dark skinned beauty entered the pvc club with her sponsor in tow . she went by the name of black vixen and if looks could kill shed be deadly . new in town her sonsor had got her a fight against katy in any anything goes match . katy appeared from her dressing room in red strap heels and a red lace thong and walked to where he challenger was standing .they posed for photos and then faced off in the cage silence filled the room as they glared at each other then black vixen lashed out with a high kick to the side of katys head stretching her skimpy lingerie covering her tight pussy then both ladies exchanged slaps and it was on pulling each other by the hair they punished each others breasts with scratching and slaps as there sponsors loooked on eagerly .punches flew and black vixen was handy with her kicks but it was katy who was deadly grabbing her rival in a headlock and dishing out a couple of cunt punches black vixen fell to the canvas. katy quickly stradlled her opponent ramming the crotch of her wet red thong into her face and winning the submission . thanks to everyone who follows katy both here and  on imvu. thanks also the the fans who download fights from katys sponsors store at . enjoy xx

Friday, 16 October 2020

when owners fight . katy vs miss lucy

 the scene was set miss lucy owner of the cherry blossom upmarket sushi bar had always fancied herself as a fighter having fought many times on nights out in bars and clubs and katy co owner of the pvc club an established catfighter were drawn to fight it was owner vs owner. they entered the cage after photo graphs as the sponsors and punters gathered miss lucy in deep red and katy in silver . they faced off staring each other up and down with katy having the hieght advantage this was going to be one catty battle .immediately katy threw a punch which connected and it was on as miss lucy landed a heavy slap . they fought wildly in there lingerie with miss lucy landing heavy face kicks and punches and katy gave it back there was honour at stake . hair was pulled out as they punished each other and then lucy tripped katy to the canvas taking her down and they rolled about wildly. katy got the upper hand an climbed on top landing punch after punch to miss lucys face as the crowd cheered wildly. unable to continue miss lucy lay helpless as katy straddled her forcing the crotch of her moist panties into her rivals face making her pay dearly . this was far from over a rematch was on the cards. thanks to everyone that follows katy both here at the blog and on imvu also thanks to everyone who downloads from katys sponsors store at  . thankyou xx

gown fight in progress .

 ok its a fight in progress but wanted to show you a great gown fight that isnt finished between katy and angel . enjoy your sunday and dont...